The Jerusalem Seminar in Architecture
כנסי עבר // Speakers // 2004: Material & Craft
16-18 May 2004

Peter Ross

Peter Ross has been a consultant to Ove Arup and Partners, having joined them in 1958. After a period in a general engineering practice, Ross joined Arup Research and Development, specializing in both old and new timber construction. He has designed many structures in timber, including the Portcullis House with Michael Hopkins in London, and an innovative lamella shell in the Oko-Zentrum with HHS Planer & Architekten in Germany, although he would regard this as a twentieth century reworking of a nineteenth century form.

In the field of historic timber, he is best known for the new roof to York Minster with Hinton Brown & Langstone in green (unseasoned) oak, following the fire of 1984. He is the author of several books, including The Appraisal and Repair of Timber Structures and is currently writing on the use of green oak in construction. Ross is a member of the BSI Timber committee and a judge for the UK Wood Awards 2001 and 2003.

Peter Ross

Okozentrum Eco-Centre, Hamm, Germany
Architectural Design: HHS Planer & Architekten; Photo: Arup

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