The Jerusalem Seminar in Architecture
כנסי עבר // Speakers // 2000: Reinventing Space
11 - 14 June 2000

Ken Yeang

Ken Yeang’s architecture is based on his theoretical ecological studies published in The Green Skyscraper: The Basis for Designing Ecological Sustainable Buildings, in which he addresses the ecological design of large buildings and skyscrapers. Early work, incorporating bioclimatic principles as passive low-energy design, led to his ecologically sustainable agenda. Early experiments include the Roof-Roof House in Kuala Lumpur (1984), providing a louvered umbrella structure over the building. Yeang’s early focus applies bioclimatic principles to skyscraper design. The firm Hamzah & Yeang’s benchmark Menara Mesiniaga (1992) has received many awards, including the Aga Khan Award for Architecture and Royal Australian Institute of Architects International Award (both in 1996). Current projects include the Singapore National Library and the ten-storey Gamuda Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. Born in Malaysia, Yeang studied architecture at the AA School in London, landscape planning at the University of Pennsylvania, and received a doctorate from Cambridge University. Yeang is the Alan Willis Professor at Sheffield University, and an adjunct professor at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and the University of Hawaii. He is a member of the RIBA, Honorary Fellow of the American Institute of Architects, Fellow of the Singapore Institute of Architects, and past president of the Malaysian Institute of Architects.
Ken Yeang

Image: Hitechniaga Tower, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Photo: T. R. Hamzah & Yeang

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