The Jerusalem Seminar in Architecture
כנסי עבר // Speakers // 2004: Material & Craft
16-18 May 2004

James Carpenter

Originally trained as an architect, artist and sculptor at the Rhode Island School of Design, James Carpenter went on to study at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design as a Loeb Fellow. After an extended consultancy with the Corning Glass Works, he formed James Carpenter Design Associates in 1979. As an artist considered a foremost innovator in materials technologies, Carpenter has worked collaboratively with major architects on building projects throughout the world and has received many major architectural and public art commissions. His innovative glass designs include the Moir Stair Tower of the Deutsche Post headquarters in Bonn, Germany, and collaboration with SOM on the exterior envelope of World Trade Centre Tower Seven.

Carpenter has taught at many universities, including the University of Stuttgart and Harvard. He has received numerous awards, including an American Institute of Architects Special Citation, the 2002 National Environment Design Award presented by the Smithsonian Institution and the Cooper- Hewitt National Design Museum, and a 1991 AIA Institute Honors Award for transforming 'glass into art, forming a union between the transparent and the tangible that respects and enhances architectural design.'

James Carpenter

Moire Stair Tower, Deutsche Post, Bonn, Germany
Photo: Anja Thiefelder

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