The Jerusalem Seminar in Architecture
כנסי עבר // Speakers // 2004: Material & Craft
16-18 May 2004

Bruno Miglio

Bruno Miglio, a graduate of Queen Mary College London, is an engineering geologist and materials scientist. He has worked around the world on projects utilizing natural materials in construction and has specialized in the use of natural stone in buildings. His expertise ranges from assessment of sources of stone to selection of appropriate materials through the design of stone systems in buildings.

Having led the stone engineering team within Arup Façade Engineering, Miglio has also recently established the new materials consultancy within Arup that applies a wide range of materials in the built environment. Arup projects exemplifying the innovative use of stone include the Metropolitan Project with Foster and Partners in Warsaw, vertically integrating some 1,250 external stone fins; the Pavilion of the Future with MBM Arquitectes in Seville, where prefabricated glued and tensioned granite elements were used to form an elegant framework; and the Portcullis House with Michael Hopkins in London, awarded the 2002 Natural Stone Award, in which stone formed part of the building structure. In addition to his work with Arup, Miglio serves on a number of technical committees and standards bodies dealing with natural stone.

Bruno Miglio

Metropolitan Project, Warsaw, Poland
Architectural Design: Foster and Partners; Photo: Arup

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