The Jerusalem Seminar in Architecture
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CecilBalmond: Numbers as a Design Material Workshop(Material and Craft :2004 JSA Conference series)
2004, 88 mins

Yoav Sarne,Numbers as a Design Material, Toyo Ito

CECIL BALMOND: Numbers as a Design MaterialWorkshopMaterial and CraftModerator: Yoav Sarne Filmed by Tel Ad Studios for Yad HanadivProduced by Yad HanadivCopyright: 200488 minutesThe Jerusalem Seminar in Architecture (JSA)was created by Yad Hanadiv (The Rothschild Foundation) as an internationaloccasion for the presentation and discussion of important topics inarchitecture.  The sixth biennialconference focused on Material - its substance, connectivity, past typologiesand future potential - and Craft - the artful assembly of material by anincreasingly interdisciplinary, collaborative team of experts. The conferencehighlighted specific materials, their components, uses, details and effectson the production of buildings. The deliberations explored new materials availableas well as the current development of many new and innovative uses for oldmaterials. A diverse, distinguished group of architects, designers,engineers, theorists, and technical experts addressed their use of a specificmaterial or realization of a certain theme based on examples of their ownwork. Speakers include Cecil Balmond, Shigeru Ban,James F. Carpenter, Bob Cather, Peggy Deamer, AndrewHall, Ross Lovegrove, BrunoMiglio, Peter Ross, Moshe Safdie and Michael Arad.  Also participating were architects andengineers Alan Cohl, Zvi Efrat, Pe’era Goldman, Danny Kaiser, AdaKarmi-Melamede, Izhak Lipovetzky-Lir, Saadia Mandl, Moshe Margalith, EdnaShaviv, Uri Shetrit and Arthur Spector who introduced the various speakersand/or moderated discussion sessions. The conference was chaired by CecilBalmond, Deputy Chairman of Ove Arup and Partners.Complementing his formal presentation as partof the 2004 JSA conference, the videotaped workshop led by Cecil Balmond examinesin greater detail his use of numbers as a design material. He employsexamples of his work with Toyo Ito and others to illustrate his applicationof numbers in designing such diverse projects as exhibition centre, .adepartment store, a bridge, multi-storey buildings etc.Yad HanadivFilm distribution: Yad Hanadiv, 16 Ibn Gvirol,92430 Jerusalem, ISRAEL

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