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BrightLights, Big City (Metropolisseries)
1995, 29 mins

StreetLighting, Urban, Metropolis series

BRIGHT LIGHTS, BIG CITY Metropolis SeriesDirected by Frank Prendergast Produced by Frank Prendergast and Antony WoodwordWindfalls Films/BBCCopyright: 199529 minutes This program explains the surprisingly strongeffect that street lighting has on our cities. In addition to being apowerful tool to prevent crime, more and better lighting has improved thesense of well-being and added new dimensions to the business and socialactivities of the city. But as a whole new world was created from lightingthe darkness, the problem has turned from quality of light to the quantity.What are the consequences of too much light in our cities? Once we found ourway by the stars. Does it matter that we can’t see them anymore? Film distribution and description: Films forthe Humanities and SciencesPrinceton, New Jersey, USA

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