The Jerusalem Seminar in Architecture
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1984, 58 mins

Japan FujimiCountry Club, Gunma Prefectural Museum of Modern Art, Kitakuyshu Museum ofArt and Municipal Library, Tadanori Yokoo train museum, Nippon ElectricalGlass Building, Etoh clinic, Tsukuba Civic Center, LA Museum of ContemporaryArt

ARATA ISOZAKI Produced by Michael BlackwoodProductions, Inc.Copyright: 198458 minutesFilmed almost entirely in Japan, thisfilm follows Isozaki as he revisits the most important buildings of hiscareer. The film opens at the Fujimi Country Club, designed in the shape of aquestions mark as an architectural joke about Japan's obsession with golf.  In his home town of Oita, Isozaki explains how he first becameinterested in architecture, and describes the years of working with histeacher, the revered Kenzo Tange. Other sites visited include the Gunma Prefectural Museum of ModernArt, the Museum of Art and Municipal Library in Kitakuyshu, his''train'' museum for the Tadanori Yokoo, the NipponElectrical GlassBuilding in Otsu,the Etoh clinic near Oita, the Tsukuba CivicCenter, and finally, the Museum of Contemporary Artin Los Angeles.Isozaki's commentary reveals his extensiveknowledge of Eastern and Western architecture, as well as his acute sense ofhumor, which are the basis of his eclectic approach to design.Film distribution and description: MichaelBlackwood Productions, Inc.251 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019, USA

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