The Jerusalem Seminar in Architecture
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Theme Statment by Daniel Libeskind

As architecture and urbanism enter the next millennium, a technical, cultural and spiritual shift is taking place in the perception and experience of cities and space. The old Cartesian and Newtonian reduction of thought to a coordinate system and the resulting impoverishment of lived-space are giving way to exciting opportunities for building. The theme of the seminar, Reinventing Space: Beyond the Boundaries of the Twentieth Century, signifies a dynamic transformation. It bears the potential for both architecture and the city to no longer be 'boxed-in' by formalistic, cultural or economic prejudices, but rather to give birth to another architecture, whose consequences shape possible realities and real possibilities for the human being, providing new spaces and a reinvention of the urban.

The Jerusalem Seminar in Architecture is pleased to announce the participation of the following architects in our forthcoming seminar on Reinventing Space: Beyond the Boundaries of the Twentieth Century to be held 11 - 14 June 2000 at the International Convention Center, Jerusalem. The seminar will be chaired by Daniel Libeskind (USA/Germany).
Parc de la Villette, Paris, Bernard Tschumi.
Science museum (cité des sciences), Peter Rice.

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